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[Xen-users] xenpm, idle states, intel eist and other bios settings

Hello everyone,

After having installed Xen which I built from xen-unstable.hg this
morning I was trying to wrap my head around xen's cpu scheduling and
cpu idle functions. I don't get anything useful from xenpm so I hope
to get some pointers.

Hardware: a supermicro X8DTU-6F+ board with  two Intel Xeon E5606 CPUs
(i.e. family 6, model 44, stepping 2).

Xenpm: 'get-cpufreq-states' shows nothing, 'get-cpufreq-para' returns
"failed to get cpufreq parameter" for all 8 cores, 'get-cpuidle-states'
only shows C0 and C1 but nothing lower than that. Passing cpuidle
and/or hpetbroadcast to Xen's boot arguments didn't change it.

I have tried various BIOS settings and Xen and kernel parameters. Every
time I issued xenpm commands after that I saw nothing had changed.
Here's what I did not yet DISable in the BIOS so far. I'm certainly no
expert on any of this so I hope someone can say if any of these (or
yet others, there are many options) can be the issue:

* VT-d
* SR-IOV (wanted to test it with a 10Gbps addon card)
* Intel I/OAT
* DCA Technology

And here's what I did toggle on/off to no avail:

* Intel EIST technology
* C1E Support
* Intel C-STATE Tech
* C1 auto demotion
* C3 auto demotion
* ACPI T State

I am trying this with kernel 3.4.4 on which PCI_MMCONFIG is enabled, I
came across a post from one person who suggested to disabled it but I
don't know what it is and whether this is true.

What I'd like is to be able to use xenpm for power saving and cpu
governor selection, so I will really appreciate every suggestion or


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