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Re: [Xen-users] no /dev/xvda for domu

Am Mittwoch, den 01.08.2012, 02:27 +0200 schrieb Mark van Dijk:
> I had upgraded to latest hg version of xen unstable and my arch linux
> guest can't find /dev/xvda1. My server 2008R2 boot and work just
> fine.
> (..)
>The line listed bellow was causing all the issues.
>vfb=['vnc=1,vncunused=1,vnclisten=, keymap=it']

Please don't top post.

If this is actually the case we definitely need some logs, because that
should never happen.

I'm currently upgrading a xen cluster from xen 3.2 to xen 4.1 and also found that issue.
Log's are really quiet about it.
It's just that starting a domU connect's all devices. pvgrub and pygrub menu are working.
then xentop / xl top / xm top shows high cpu load for the particular domU, but nothings
going to happen.

I think that has been discussed already, but I assume it's not solved finally.

Playing around with the console= parameter of domUs kernel didn't change anything.

That misbehaviour has been introduced somewhere at the 4.1 version. 4.0 was one step
in the evaluation of my upgrade path and only 4.1 needs vfb removed from config.

I'm currently stuck at the xm toolstack, as I started adding  some own settings to domU
configs a long while ago which can't be parsed by the xl stack...
So, my tests with xl about that issue weren't too excessive.

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