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Re: [Xen-users] Xen 4.1 sound in windows 7 x64 domU

Hi Matthew,

same scenario and problem here.
for now i'm living with a passed-through usb soundcard - cheap one with no 
fancyness at all, but its working great (sound out of it goes to line in on 
the dom0-soundcard)...

i guess we have to wait until anthony finishes upstream-qemu (which brings hda 
sound, which in turn has a 64bit driver in windows) which is almost finished 
afaik but missing some gpu-passthrough-specific stuff...


i fiddled around with a software emuled soundcard which streams to a process in 
dom0 ... but the latencys were horrible and all in all the usb soundcard was 
just too cheap to bother with it longer... but i admit its ugly , just like 
hardwarebased-solutions always are...

Am Montag 13 August 2012, 20:23:51 schrieb Matthew Dean:
> I'm trying to setup a windows 7 x64 domU where I pass through a GPU to
> the vm, and I've gotten everything working except for sound.  I would
> like to be able to use an emulated sound device but there appears to be
> no working drivers for AC97, sb16 or es1370.  Are these antiquated
> devices really the only types of sound card that can be emulated with
> xen?  Using the hdmi audio of the GPU is unfortunately not an option and
> neither is passing through the entire host audio adapter.  Aside from
> buying a USB sound card and passing that through has anybody got any
> ideas how I might get this working?  Any help is greatly appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> Matthew Dean
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