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[Xen-users] How to install pv guests with tap2:aio for remus

  • To: xen-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • From: José Eduardo França <jefranca@xxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 18:47:57 -0300
  • Delivery-date: Mon, 13 Aug 2012 21:49:10 +0000
  • List-id: Xen user discussion <xen-users.lists.xen.org>

Hi Guys,

I'm working with:
  1. xen 4.1;
  2. dom0 ubuntu kernel 3.2
I'm trying to run remus with disk replication (I can run without disk replication). But I read I need to use tap2 <http://nss.cs.ubc.ca/remus/doc.html>.
Well... first I tried to create a pv guest. Then I take this guest.cfg:
  1. name = "ubuntu-ha"
  2. memory = 256
  3. disk = ['tap2:tapdisk:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img,xvda,w']
  4. vif = [' ']
  5. kernel = "/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-netboot/vmlinuz"
  6. ramdisk = "/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-netboot/initrd.gz"
  7. extra = "debian-installer/exit/always_halt=true -- console=hvc0"
And I run "xm console guest.cfg -c" and I get the following error:
  • Error: ('create', '-aaio:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img') failed (55808 blktap kernel module not installed )
Others stuffs:
  1. There is 'blktap' in /etc/modules (Is there blktap2 and I must put there?);
  2. In line 3, I tried "disk = ['tap2:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img,xvda,w'] and I got the same error;
  3. I also tried "disk = ['tap:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img,xvda,w']" or  "disk = ['tap:tapdisk:aio:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img,xvda,w']" and I got the following error in boot: "XENBUS: Waiting for devices to initialise: 295s...290s...285s...280s...". I even can do some steps, but the OS installation advises that no disk drive was detected. I expected this.
  4. Could I run remus with disk replication using "disk = ['file:/var/lib/xen/images/ubuntu-ha.img,xvda,w']"? Case yes, how to do this?
Does someone have a suggestion?
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