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Re: [Xen-users] open suse as dom0

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Salvatore Maltese <inf.maltese@xxxxxxxxx> schrieb:

>> Sorry but  I am newb of much this in the scope of linux and
>. However, I dont understand something . when i had installed the Dom0
>hypervisor above it , is the Dom0 that talk with drivers ? .

No and yes Ã)

Xen is the "lowest" part which is "nearest" the "metal" / the hardware byself 
and "just" maintains a fair access of different operating systems to it.

The Dom0 is "on top" of xen and "just" a "privileged Guest", it has access to 
hardware by it's "usual" native drivers "trough" xen, it usually manages the 
virtualization (offer / configure ressources) and handles some IO and 

The DomU's are "normal" guests without any direct access (except if configured 
for some app etc.) to any hardware.

It make's sense to read some basic docs and/or try to set up a xen machine with 
guests to get a first impression.

Xen Dom0s are available in Linux or NetBSD (not shure about FreeBSD yet).

>Hypervisor only schedule the VM's ? and the Dom0  Should manage the
>VM's .
This is the best way as it makes shure that the DomUs did not fall into any 
bottlenecks if the Dom0 i.e. is out of ressources etc. and held any running OS 
managable. Many "typical" systems do not run "more" then a SSH daemon, logging 
and some cron jobs or hardware near monitoring sensor access. On multiple core 
systems people often dedicate a core just to Dom0.

 But afaik there are setups from peoples who even use Dom0 for applications / 
work etc..

>Now what is the bridge ( i know that the bridge is to join network ,
>what is in Xen hypervisor ) Thx for you help.

Not shure if i understand your question right here.

Xen has no bridge byself, but users can use "soft" bridges like from 
bridge-utils or openvswitch to connect the virtual network devices of the 
guests together or with the outer side networks. But there are even other ways 
to do such jobs - i.e. by routing etc.

Xen has some scripts which easily could "automate" the bridge or routing 
connectivity of created DomUs etc. but you even can bring in your own logic if 
neccessary as scripts. Xen is very flexible herein...

best regards,

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Niels Dettenbach
Syndicat IT&Internet
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