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Re: [Xen-users] XCP default partition layout?

On 08/17/2012 11:10 AM, Alexandre Kouznetsov wrote:
El 17/08/12 01:02, John Morris escribió:
I'm not afraid of the source. ;)
Heh, sorry for the underestimation.

Well, just because I'm fearless doesn't mean I'm not green. Maybe being fearless implies greenness? :)

Never felt like the Flash speed has been an issue for me. Some bit slow
on response, nothing more. Ah, and my installation was from network, so
I had to use NFS instead of HTTP to fetch the data, the writing was slow
and http suffered timeouts.

Have you ever enabled the yum repos and installed an RPM? That can take 30s on my Patriot 16GB USB stick (that's reputedly a good brand, last I heard, so that's one less of a whole slew of things to suspect). So far the slowness doesn't matter too much, although it does take quite a while to initialize a VM boot. I didn't have the same trouble you did with TCP timeouts though. That really does sound excessively slow.

Like I said though, I still hope to get the domU under configuration management (with XenAPI, with or without XCP), and my first tests are fairly painful, scanning the system.

But, I must add, I never wen beyond pilot tests with XCP, no production.
In my case I stuck with the setup of a orchestration platform.

That sounds like fun! I'm just setting up shop, so only two hosts in a resource pool. Please wish me enough luck to scale up to where I'll get to play too. ;)


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