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Re: [Xen-users] Bugs in VNC viewer ? Mouse offset and keyboard map incorrect

Quoting Fabrice Delente's message from 10 sep 2012:
>Am I the only one to have problem with the VNC server that is included
>in Xen? Ihave tried with several VNC client, and every time
>* the mouse cursor is offset from the host system cursor;

Yeah, that's pretty common in my experience. It's because the client
uses its own cursor acceleration. 

>* the keys on the keyboard give characters that don't match (for
>example, typing ';' on my keyboard gives an 'm' on the guest's

Probably an issue between different keymaps on the VNC client and
server. Maybe you can set a keymap on your vnc client? I use remmina
as a vnc client (wrapper), and am able to choose different clients. I
use the dvorak layout, so I have set my VNC client to dvorak as well.
But on the guest VM I still have to set it to the US layout.
Probably because the client sends key codes, not characters, to the
VNC server.

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