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Re: [Xen-users] xen-pciback always gives error: Unknown parameter `1)'

Quoting Tilo Peter's message from 10 sep 2012:
>I tried running debian wheezy amd64 with the debian stock kernel 3.2
>and xen 4.2 rc3. Compiling ran through without any errors and xen
>boots up without problems.
>But xen-pciback always produces the same error message:
># lsmod | grep pci
>pci_stub               12429  0
># modprobe xen-pciback
>ERROR: could not insert 'xen_pciback': Unknown symbol in module, or
>unknown parameter (see dmesg)
># dmesg | tail -n 1
>[ 3687.470124] xen_pciback: Unknown parameter `1)'
>This message always appears when I try to load xen-pciback, whenever I
>give a "hide=(0000:01.00.0)" parameter or not, or in general whatever
>I do.
>Since I couldn't find any help on this topic so far, I hope for some
>idea for a solution here!

If you load the module on the kernel command line, try to put the whole
string inside quotes. For example, in my extlinux.conf I have:
"xen-pciback.hide=(01:00.0)" and I can imagine that you could also try
this with grub.

I noticed you have 0000:01.00.0. I see two periods. Are you sure that
this is right? Usually it should be similar to 01:00.0, 02:00.0,
06:04.0 et cetera. Be sure to double check that.

If you would rather not have the xen-pciback line in grub but instead
have the module be loaded during boot or via a manual modprobe, then be
sure to have something in /etc/modules.conf or /etc/module.d/custom.conf
(or another name of your own preference) like the following:

options xen-pciback hide=(01:00.0)(02:00.0)(06:04.0)

After that, run update-initramfs. Usually I just do either
"update-initramfs -k all -c" or instead of -c (create new initramfs)
I use -u (update existing initramfs).

If that does not work, try to put the full string of the last element
in quotes and retry again.

Mark van Dijk.                ,---------------------------------
-----------------------------'         Mon Sep 10 20:34 UTC 2012
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