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Re: [Xen-users] SOLVED - Poor Windows 2003 + GPLPV performance compared to VMWare

> Excellent news, the issue is completely resolved, and in fact, performance is
> now better than vmware, and better than the old original physical box pre-
> virtualisation. The entire task now completed in 30 minutes, the previous
> best was 40 minutes (ie, prior to xen).

I wasn't expecting it to be faster. Are you comparing 2003sp1 under VMWare with 
2003sp2 under Xen?

> I made note before that I was getting around 2500 transactions / sec, and this
> was too slow, just now, I'm getting around 7900 transactions / sec. The only
> change was the installation of Windows 2003 Service Pack 2.

Microsoft updated Windows 2003 with SP2 to remove the use of the TPR register, 
which was a big performance hit on a virtual system. You can add /PATCHTPR to 
boot.ini to patch the windows kernel to use an alternate method of TPR access 
under AMD systems, and to cache reads of TPR under Intel systems, but I thought 
the xen guys had implemented their own acceleration of this in xen itself?

SP2 is definitely the best option for 2003, but XP and 2000 don't have this 
performance enhancement so I thought I'd mention it here too.


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