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Re: [Xen-users] Recommendations for Virtulization Hardware


Just a Xen newbie myself, but from what i've gathered and fiddled, Xen
(P)VMs don't come with a graphics card. You'd have to remote to your
Windows HVM to play games. You can fiddle with PCI pass through for
some video cards and there's some VGA passtrough as well, but i don't
think running a recent game on a VM would provide good results (i'm
thinking FPSs here, not solitaire or simcity).

As for hardware i considered an ATI/Asus board with a Phenom II X6 and
16GB or DDR3 a while ago, plus box, PSU, no disks, around 500â... YMMV
and your needs as well.

Just my ill-informed 2c. HTH


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