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Re: [Xen-users] possible newbie-level question - updating kernels?

Robert Rust wrote:

How do I go about updating the kernel (and perhaps more importantly the modules that go with it) in a DomU to match what the Dom0 is running?

As Fajar says, just don't !

Use a different kernel for your DomU than used for Dom0.
Some of my guests use Pygrub without problem. Others have problems and won't boot - so for those I just copy the kernel and initrd* to a folder on Dom0 alongside the guest config file and use the boot= and root= lines as you are probably doing now. This latter method does mean you have to copy one or two files (and possibly update the config file) whenever you update the kernel or do anything else that updates the initrd - but at least you are booting something that's specific to the virtual machine.

* I used to use the shared Dom0 kernels until I twigged that this also meant I was using an initrd in the guest that was actually built for the Dom0.
The initrd is more machine specific than the kernel.

Simon Hobson

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