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Re: [Xen-users] Trouble with PCI Passthrough

In your situation, here are the points I would investigate:

What model is your motherboard?  Have you used lspci -tv to see whether or not your cards are behind a PCI Switch perhaps?  While NF200 chips are not compatible, PLX seems to be, but it'll attempt to pass all devices behind it.

Is it possible when you installed drivers it was only setup for the 2600?  Have you tried a fresh installation of Windows 7, and passing just the HD 7850 after the installation is completed?

Do your logs have anything special when you pass the HD 7850 solo to the HVM?  If you run "xl -vvv create" with one then both cards, how does the output differ?

On Sat, Oct 6, 2012 at 2:34 PM, David Escott <david.escott@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Passthrough seems to be the most common problem, but I don't know enough of
the voodoo magic to understand where to start investigating my issue,
which is that passthrough works but only when passing through multiple

dom0: Fedora 17 with stock XEN (a later 4.1 version and a 3.5 kernel)
Hardware: VT-d capable MSI Z77 w/ i7-3770
Graphics cards:
      Intel HD 4000 IGD set as primary in the bios and used by dom0
      Radeon HD2600XT (from 2005ish) PCI-E slot 1, PCI 0000:01:00.[0,1]
      Radeon 7850 (brand new)              PCI-E slot 3, PCI 0000:02:00.[0,1]

What works:
    dom0 with the HD4000 IGD
    domU Windows 7 when both Radeon cards are passed through
              ie stubbing out 0000:01:00.[0-1] and 0000:02:00.[0-1]
and giving both to Win7

What doesn't work (and what I dont understand):
    domU Win7 when only one of the two devices is passed to Windows
(in which case I get the error 43) [tried it both ways, passing only
the 2600 or only the 7850, and same error either way]

Given that passthrough works, I dont understand why it would not work
when I only pass one of the devices. Is there something I should be
looking at (DMA ranges? IRQs?) to determine what linkage there is
between these two devices?


David Wright Escott
A comathematician turns cotheorems into phi.

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