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Re: [Xen-users] vif-route issue with HVM domU only

On Mon, 2012-12-24 at 20:42 +0000, Florian Heigl wrote:
> I've tried for some while to understand whats really causing the "add"
> be lost here, but no luck so far.

The issue is likely that ${command} is neither "online" nor "offline"
and so ${ipcmd} is never set.

Comparing with vif-bridge it seems like tap devices generate command=add
events instead of command=online (this comes from the kernel so we have
no control over it). I expect the fix is as simple as adding the
required clause to that case statement. I think it would also be safe to
add a default case which calls error().

FWIW vif-nat seems to have the same issue.


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