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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 log and disk space management

Nuno_MagalhÃes wrote:

>You can a) mount /var/log in a separate partition elsewhere to prevent
>the host from going offline;

I'll second that suggestion. /var is the most likely cadidate for disk space 
problems on most system - so make sure it's a different filesystem to root. Do 
the same with any other areas (such as /home if users have file storage on it) 
as well. This goes a long way to dealing with the problem by avoiding the 
problems caused by a full filesystem - you will lose some logging, but it won't 
bring your system down in a horrible mess.

And then try the other suggestions. Adjust whatever is creating the log 
entries, adjust logrotate (possibly run it more frequently than once a day), 
install something that will warn you if there's a problem (we have Nagios at 
work, though it's not the easiest thing to set up), and consider sending your 
logs elsewhere - though that doesn't really solve the problem of disk space, 
only move it.

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