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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi on xen

jacek burghardt wrote:
> I had created 30 300GB lvms and exported them as luvs on iscsi. Now how I 
> tell xen to use iscsi luv for virtual hadr drive ? 

Exactly the same way you'd make any other disk available. You just need to 
substitute the appropriate path, which is likely to be something like 
"disk/by-path/ip-...isci..."You will of course have to setup the appropriate 
iSCSI connections first.

However, I've had trouble with this and on the one iSCSI volume I'm using I 
have to use /dev/sdc for some reason I've not had time to look into. I don't 
know whether it's a common problem or specific to my setup.

PS - it's bad etiquette to take a conversation off-list without being prompted 
first. Please keep replies/further questions to the list.

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