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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi on xen

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  • Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 10:55:21 +0000
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jacek burghardt wrote:
I wonder if someone can point me in right directions. I have two dell servers I 
setup iscsi so I have four 2 tb hard drives and i had used lvm to create one 
big partiton and share it using iscsi. How I go about assigning sections of 
iscsi for virtual hard drives . should go about assigning Should I export the 
whole 8TB as one iscsi and then use lvm to create smaller virtual disk. Or 
should I export smaller portions of lvm as separate iscsi.

I think general advice tends to be to create a separate iSCSI volume for each 
virtual disk, or at the very least per virtual machine. That way it's easy to 
resize a volume at the iSCSI level, and to move a guest by disconnecting the 
volume from one host and connect it to a different one.

You could use just one big volume, put LVM on it, and slice it up that way - 
but then the entire volume (and all the guest volumes within it) are tied to 
just one machine - unless you go for a clustered LVM setup.

Also, you need to do the iSCSI connections in Dom0 - because fo the way Xen 
networking works (single thread in Dom0), iSCSI performance in a DomU is 
"rather poor".

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