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Re: [Xen-users] iscsi on xen

On 01/22/2013 07:15 PM, Eric wrote:
> Thanks for sharing, Steve:
> I noticed that you're using DRBD to replicate the LV's and then exporting the 
> individual DRBD resources via iSCSI (instead of using DRBD to replicate the 
> entire PV and then exporting the underlying block device to the iSCSI client 
> [for cLVM]). This seems cumbersome as each new LV requires that a new DRBD 
> resource and iSCSI LUN be defined. Have you tried using DRBD resources as 
> whole PV's [and then exporting LV's]?
> Check out the  Linbit Tech Guide "Highly available iSCSI with DRBD and 
> Pacemaker" 
> (http://www.linbit.com/en/downloads/tech-guides?download=9:highly-available-iscsi-with-drbd-and-pacemaker)
> Eric Pretorious
> Truckee, CA
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>     We export our logical volumes (LVM2) via iscsi LUNs to our xen boxes, one 
> advantage of this scheme is you can connect more than one xen box to the 
> iscsi targets to provide live migration support.
>     Our system looks like this..
>     PV --> VG --> LVM --> drbd --> iscsi-target =====LAN===== xen + 
> iscsi-client
>     This is a production system with 8 xen boxes and 60 VMs and works very 
> well.
>     Regards.
>     Steve. 
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The main reasons we don't replicate the entire PV is we have live and test 
versions of most of our VMs, our replication partner is remote and has limited 
bandwidth. None of our test systems are replicated. Limiting the number of 
replicated LVs keeps our bandwidth usage within limits.  



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