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[Xen-users] domU eth0 missing after reboot


I have a CentOS server with 4 CentOS domU's, of which I rebooted the one domU and now this particular domU's eth0 device is missing. 

The other 3 domU's eth0 devices still work fine. I then rebooted the host server to see if there's anything weird going on, but this particular domU, which was working fine before the reboot, still doesn't have a working domU. The other 3 domU's networking is still working fine. 

Does anyone know what exactly could cause this, or how to fix it? 

I've googled this a bit and the results I got all suggest I need to install a bridge, which is already installed and working. 

Any suggestions, or pointers would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Rudi Ahlers

Website: http://www.SoftDux.com
Technical Blog: http://Blog.SoftDux.com
Cell: 082 554 7532
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