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[Xen-users] Debugging Xen Freezes / Kdump not working

Because I have some freezes because of vga passthrough lately, I tried
to debug this but unfortunatly didn't really found a working way:

1) Watching screen output for kernel messages
That obviously didn't work because i passed all my vgas to domUs and
therefor didn't see anything from dom0 / kernel.

2) Serial console
In general a good idea, but i don't have any serial connectors on my
mainboard so this is not an option either.

3) Kdump
I tried setting up kexec/kdump but a crashkernel part never showes up
in /proc/iomem so kexec/kdump do not work. There is a line in xl dmesg
(XEN) Kdump: 128MB (131072kB) at 0x1000000
but despite that i don't see any indication that crashkernel is
working in any way.. I read somewhere that that kdump doesn't work
with newer pvops dom0 kernels at all, and i have read somewhere else
that this is only an issue that the crashkernel space doesn't show up
in /proc/iomem but this the point kexec looks for..

So what I would like to know is
a) if anyone got kdump working on a newer kernel with a newer xen and
maybe what i am missing in my configuration
b) if there is an other working way of debugging xen freezes or similar

My system is a debian wheezy with a 3.7.4 vanilla kernel and latest

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