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Re: [Xen-users] GPU passthrough with xen 4.2.1 on ubuntu 12.10


But so you don't get overly excited, dual vga passthrough sems to be
broken at the moment. Been down that road (Thread:
posted to xen-user and xen-devel, but never got a response.

Would be interesting to see if it works for you.

Oh, and just for my record-keeping: Have you used my patch or the
original one from Greg?

2013/3/13 Matthew Dean <mcd40@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Just to let everyone know that patch worked like gold for me.  My HD 7970 is
> now being passed through as the primary adapter with driver version 13.1 and
> up to now all seems to be working.  Will run further tests over the next few
> days to make sure it stays that way and I'll probably test secondary
> passthrough also.  Once that's done I need to put the second card back in
> and have a bit of a play but this is by far the furthest I've been in the
> last 2 weeks.  Thanks to everybody for your advice.
> Matt
> On 12/03/2013 19:42, Matthias wrote:
>> Hi,
>> to fix the atikmeq.sys bug, you can try two things:
>> 1) Use upstream qemu. For this, just add:
>> device_model_version = 'qemu-xen'
>> device_model_override = '/usr/lib/xen/bin/qemu-system-i386'
>> to your domU config file. Note that there is currently a bug that the
>> domU won't start when duing vga passthrough with more then 4GB memory
>> assigned, so better use some less..
>> 2) If you want to have more then 4GB memory, you can patch the
>> traditional qemu. This is a bit more complicated cause the qemu stuff
>> is download through the build and can't be patched right away. Also
>> stopping in mid build, patching and continuing at least for me caused
>> some problems, so doing a full build, patch, cleanup and build again
>> is the safer route:
>> git clone -b staging git://xenbits.xen.org/xen.git xen-unstable-staging
>> cd xen-unstable-staging
>> ./configure --disable-stubdom
>> make -j12 world
>> git apply --check /path/to/xen-unstable-atipassthrough.patch
>> git apply /path/to/xen-unstable-atipassthrough.patch
>> make -j12 clean
>> make -j12 world
>> Now do your usual install.. some use the standard, i prefer creating a
>> debball..
>> Some Notes:
>> - I use the staging branch from xen-unstable, but this is not exactly
>> necessary for the patch, you can use master just as fine
>> - the j12 is for multithreading and you should use double your core
>> number.. since i got 6 cpu cores, it's 12 for me..
>> - the patch i have attached is originally from Greg
>> (http://lists.xen.org/archives/html/xen-devel/2012-12/msg00009.html),
>> so credit goes to him, i only cleaned it up for xen-unstable. Also,
>> the patch itself was for providing primary passthrough with ATI cards,
>> but i found it fixing my ati 0x116 bluescreen..
>> - due to an insufficiancy in the patch, stubdom would not build
>> correctly, so you have to disable it
>> Please report back if the patch fixes your bluescreen for more
>> argumentation to bring this patch upstream.. :)  (@Greg: that's why i
>> cc'ed you. hope you don't mind the noise)
>> Hope it helps!
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