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Re: [Xen-users] Automating boot of Ubuntu on encrypted LVM?

>> use one encrypted partition, holding a VG, holding an LV for each of 
>> the dom0 & domU roots.  The dom0 /boot sits in a normal partition.  
>> The passphrase is requested once on boot of the dom0.
> What you're describing is, in fact, the way my domU is currently set 
> up.

It must not be, because if I set up a system as I described, I'm 
prompted for the passphrase only once.  No need to enter the (same) 
passphrase again when the domU boots.

This requires booting the domU with the domU's initrd, not dom0's.  I 
know Debian, but I don't know how Ubuntu sets that up.

> But what I'm trying to do here is to find a way for the boot process 
> of the domU to get the passphrase from a file, instead of my needing 
> to type it to the domU's console.

If it's the same passphrase for the same dm_crypt device that dom0 uses, 
you shouldn't need to enter it again.

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