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Re: [Xen-users] Storage recovery question / recommendations

I did some reading - on vgcfgbackup / restore / display etc.

I think I'm still stuck - or I'm not getting it - how would the backup exist - 
does xen / xcp automatically back up any existing LVM data on a new SR if it 
sees one there first when it's mounting what it see's as a new drive? 
Otherwise, the backups I have would only be for the newly re-initialized LVM - 
meaning the data is still on the drive - or gone. Not in the backups - right?

Maybe I should restate what happened in case I was unclear... I think I might 
have been - sorry about that - in trying to be concise I might have 

I installed 1.6 on a machine that had 1.1 - it wasn't an upgrade in the proper 
sense - it didn't detect the drives in the same order. So I reinstalled. Plus I 
wanted to break up a different SR (which was one LVM spanning a couple disks 
into separate SR's).

When I was finished "upgrading" / reinstalling. I added an SR based on a 
previously existing raid 1 data set. It said it needed to reinitialize. I let 
that happen.

So the base of that SR was re-written. The data should still be there but any 
current backup would reflect the newly wiped state of the SR.

Is there a tool that can extract the details I need from the drive itself? Like 
a backup of a partition table or "superblock" etc.?

I know the name of the vm I need to recover, the size of the virtual drives, 
etc. the labels... 

And if I was going to use such a tool what how should it treat the disk as a 
corrupted LVM or ?

Thank you again for your  help - hope I'm making more sense.


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> [Mitch says:] The problem is that the system was reinstalled - so would these 
> contents really be valid?
> Right now in /etc/lvm/backup I see:
> VG_XenStorage-1250f2e7-128e-7aff-f0fe-ca03bae1eb56
> VG_XenStorage-63aedcf6-e60a-4bc0-935a-7b393a0b3b33
> VG_XenStorage-6fb39163-2cb1-9464-5d19-5dc2e951e38a
> VG_XenStorage-84bae666-255d-196a-54aa-73afc5047d70
> How would I tell which is which?
Well that is a good question. Check the time stamp. You can also check to see 
if you have a backup partition on /dev/sda2. Try mounting it.

> Please note, the Type as viewed under storage for this SR was "Hardware HBA" 
> - not LVM - does that matter?

> [Mitch says:] These aren't on FC - it was just an SAS Raid1 SR - so it was 
> set up as "Hardware HBA".
Sorry I'm stuck in FC mode. Yes, no matter, it's going to be LVM..

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