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Re: [Xen-users] Cannot shut down a domU from dom0

>> As far as I know, xl shutdown will, if on a PV domain, ask the kernel
>> directly to shutdown (as the kernel is Xen-aware).
> Correct, note that the kernel will simply call /sbin/poweroff (or
> another command which the admin has configured). If you are running an
> installer environment that command may or may not exist.
> /sbin/poweroff typically asks the init process to switch to runlevel 6
> (shutdown), again depending on your environment it may or may not do so.
> Most normal systems will behave as expected but things like installer
> environments may not always do so, it depends...
>> If the domain is HVM (or you specify -F with a PV domain), it will
>> send an AHCI shutdown command to the virtual hardware.
> For an HVM domain without -F it will do the same as with a PV guest,
> which is to ask the PV drivers to initiate a shutdown, which assumes you
> have them installed. With the -F on an HVM domain it will send an ACPI
> (AHCI is a disk controller) button event, which depending on the OS may
> be set to either reboot or shutdown.
> -F on a PV domain is meaningless since such domains have no ACPI.
> Ian.

Thanks for the corrections. I suppose it makes sense that PV has no
ACPI. (Also, s/AHCI/ACPI in my post. Too many damn acronyms floating
around in my head...)


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