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Re: [Xen-users] ATI VGA Passthrough / Xen 4.2 / Linux 3.8.6

On 04/22/2013 10:46 AM, Gizmo Chicken wrote:
Not sure if I can offer any wisdom, but I'll just note that secondary
GPU passthrough  has been pretty stable for me with Windows 7 combined
with a Radeon HD 6670 and the Catalyst 13.3beta3 driver.  But I confess
that I cheat a bit:  For this setup, I'm using XCP 1.6 as dom0 and am
managing guests with XenCenter.  I had GPU passthrough working with
vanilla Xen 4.x in the past.  But XCP 1.6 (which includes Xen 4.1) is
just easier.  But whatever your setup, you may wish to give the Catalyst
13.3beta3 driver a try.  It works great for me.

It got to the point where the VM won't actually start - it BSODs saying:

"Attempt to reset the display driver and recover from timeout failed."

in atikmpag.sys

The only way I can boot it is either into safe mode, or by removing the ATI card from the VM configuration. In safe mode the 13.3-beta driver fails saying it failed to load the detection driver.

While Windows 7 seems to have lasted a few reboots more, ultimately it's still no more usable than XP considering it won't even boot any more.

Any debugging ideas welcome.

Thus far the only noteworthy thing I've changed (to no obvious positive effect) is putting the VGA passthrough GPU into a different slot so that it is the only thing on that particular PCIe bridge.


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