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Re: [Xen-users] xenbr0 / domU static IPs

On 20/05/13 23:09, Simon Jones wrote:

Aha! It’s set to 0,


echo "1"> /proc/sys/net/ipv4/ip_forward  has changed it to 1, still can’t ping anything other than Dom0 ip on both guests though.


That is not needed for a bridge, only for routed connections. The same for iptables, it shouldn't apply to the bridge. I think there is another tool ebtables or similar which will do filtering of traffic across a bridge, but you should know if you have configured that.

Try the following from dom0:
tcpdump -tn -i xenbr0 host <ip of domu>

Then, from the domu, ping the gateway IP

That should show whether the dom0 is seeing the traffic from the domU ... if you don't see the traffic on the bridge, then try the vif interface for the domU, if you still don't see the traffic, then it is a domU issue.

Also, check the output of "route -n" (linux) or "route print" (windows) from the domU


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