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Re: [Xen-users] Software Raid 5 domu performance drop

26.05.2013 17:47, James Harper ÐÐÑÐÑ:
So, writing without caching is almost the same. Reading is halfed in
compare to dom0, but this is not really an issue to me.
Is there a way to optimize DomU caching to boost write speed?

I think you wouldn't want to do this if you value your data. Maybe dom0 just 
has more memory than domu?

Are you saying that raid5 has a specific problem or is this just what you 
happen to be using? Can you do some other tests with just a single harddisk 
passed through to domu? And maybe a raid1 too?

Actually, dom0 have 512 Mb memory vs DomU with 1024 Mb. I have done some tests with single drive, raid1 and raid10. Results in DomU almost identical to those in Dom0. Only raid 5 setup have the difference.

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