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Re: [Xen-users] Cold Migration Error

On Wed, 2013-07-03 at 16:34 +0000, Joshua Tuttle wrote:
> Hey,
> I seem to be having a problem with performing a cold migration that
> I'm having a hard time find a solution to. 
> I have two machines that are on a local network that I am trying to
> perform the migration with. They are both running Debian 7.0 as the
> dom0 and Xen 4.2.2 (compiled from source). Both machines have
> supported Intel processors for virtualization as well.

The same Intel processors or different ones? You might perhaps need to
do some cpuid levelling either via the hypervisor command line options
or via the cpuid option in your guest cfg.

>  On the fist machine I have a domU called "joshtest" that I save the
> state with the command "xl save joshtest joshtest.checkpt" 
> I then transfer the joshtest.img and joshtest.checkpt to the same
> locations they were at on the first machine to the second machine.
> After the files are transfered I run the command "xl restore
> joshtest.checkpt", and it produces this output:
>      root@debian:/etc/xen# xl restore joshtest.checkpt 
>      Loading new save file joshtest.checkpt (new xl fmt info 0x0/0x0/155)
>      Savefile contains xl domain config
>      Parsing config from <saved>
>      xc: error: error setting the HVM context (1 = Operation not permitted): 
> Internal error
>      Daemon running with PID 4337

Are you able to xl create the domain freshly on this system?

Does "xl -vvv restore" give any extra information, how about the logs
under /var/log/xen?

> Even with this output, the domain still runs. However it seems to be
> in a frozen state. The output of the "xl top" command shows no
> activity and has no value for state. When I view the domain, I can't
> perform any operation.
> The output of the "xl dmesg" provides the following:
>     (XEN) Freed 268kB init memory.
>     (XEN) HVM1 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM1 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM2 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM2 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM3 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM3 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM4 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM4 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM5 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM5 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM6 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM6 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
>     (XEN) HVM7 restore: bad CR4 0x1406f0
>     (XEN) HVM7 restore: failed to load entry 2/0
> With the operation not permitted error, it makes me think it could be
> some type of permissions issue, but I have tried chown and chmod on
> both files and it doesn't change anything.

I think it is an EPERM from the hypervisor rather than any dom0 level
thing. My initial thought was that the target system didn't have HVM
enabled but it seems to be doing "better" than that.

>   With the output of the "xl dmesg", it looks like it has something to
> do with the processor state. 
> Any help would be greatly appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Josh
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