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Re: [Xen-users] Problems with VGA Passthrough

On 07/11/2013 06:52 PM, dkeruza wrote:
Did you install the GPLPV drivers? if you did, that is the problem.
Also, Make sure you blacklist the radeon driver.
When you get a chance, post the lspci list here and the vm config file. I
wanna see what the problem could be with your USB controller.
Also, make sure the BIOS in your motherboard is updated.

Not sure about the OPs USB controller PCI passthrough issue, but reviewing the configuration changes between when I reliably had a host crash from rebooting domUs with VGA passthrough, the only thing that had changed was the passthrough of USB controllers. Originally I was passing through 2 USB controllers, and immediately after a domU shutdown, I'd get an error in syslog about a missed interrupt on an interrupt shared between a USB controller and something else (I forget what else it was, I can find out later.).

It turned out that I had 2 ports on each of the USB controller devices, rather than 1, so I re-arranged the keyboards/mice so that I was passing only one controller with 2 devices to the domU. Ever since I did that the IRQ error went away on domU shutdown/reboot, and the domU rebooting has been working perfectly. The controller I was passing through before is now for dom0's keyboard and mouse, so I'm pretty sure that it was passthrough of that specific PCI device that was causing the problem (why it would crash the GPU before anything else remains a mystery). If I had to guess, it's got something to do with IRQ sharing. Note: All USB controllers in question are the ones in the ICH10 SB, but the ones I'm successfully using now and the ones that seemed to be responsible for dom0 crashes on domU reboots.

I'm hoping this might be useful to someone as a data point that suggests that the device that seems to crash isn't necessarily the device that is the root cause of the crash when passing through multiple PCI devices.


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