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Re: [Xen-users] Dom0 domU bridge problem - virtualizing ISC DHCP server

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  • From: Alexandre Kouznetsov <alk@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Tue, 23 Jul 2013 10:50:12 -0500
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El 23/07/13 02:09, Jakub Kulesza escribió:
Well, that server had 200+ iptables rules, the dom0 routes traffic
between 5 interfaces. It must have been something I've messed up earlier.
I found it more manageable to dedicate a DomU for routing, this way you make sure it does not interfere with Dom0 networking.

What is your suggestion regarding trimming the rules down?
Hm. Not much, after a better look. (:
I would omit the "/32" postfix, unless it simplify the reading for you.
Also was surprised seeing "-m udp". According to iptables man page it's indeed on it¡s place, but my own rules for DHCP does not use it. I specify "-p udp --dport 67" directly. I would expect only "-t filter" rules to be needed, unless there is something very restrictive at the end of "nat" table.

does this "--physdev-in vif+" and "--physdev-out vif+" wildcard all vif
interfaces? Would this iptables setting allow for ISC DHCP server to work?
Yes and yes.
My servers complains in the console about --physdev-in and --physdev-out syntax, but I found no solution to fix it and it's still does it's job. My DHCP server is working on DomU with this iptables configuration on Dom0. Instead of ISC DHCP it's dnsmasq, but don't I see why it would not work with any DHCP daemon.


Alexandre Kouznetsov

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