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[Xen-users] Looking for Xen Project User Summit Program Committee volunteers


We're looking for two more volunteers to work on the Xen Project User
Summit Program Committee.  The event is scheduled for September 18 in
New Orleans.


Members of the Program Committee will need to review all the talk
proposals submitted for the Xen Project User Summit and vote on which
ones will be accepted as sessions for the upcoming event in New

You must have good availability over the next two weeks.  Initial
assessments of the proposals will be done via email, followed by an
online or telephone-based conference to discuss any differences of
opinion (if needed).  You should be able to return your comments on
proposals within 48 hours after receiving them.  You should have the
ability to participate in oral and written discussions using the
English language.

We need to produce a schedule quickly so that potential attendees will
be able to assess the value of attending the User Summit.  If you
expect to have significant periods of unavailability over the next two
weeks or will have significant issues fitting a conference call into
your schedule, please refrain from volunteering.


This is not expected to take lots of time, primarily just a few hours
over the next two weeks or so.

Attendance at the User Summit is not absolutely required, but it is
encouraged.  After the Summit, the Committee members will be asked to
reflect on what worked and what needs improvement for future events.


This is a voluntary position which involves no payment for services.
You will have the knowledge that you have done a needed service for
the Xen Project community.  You will help create the first
User-focused Xen event in recent history.  And, if we are successful
in creating an event which the community enjoys, you will have the
gratitude of your peers.


If you are interested in helping out, please send me an email directly
so that we don't fill the mail lists with volunteer submissions.  Our
goal is to fill out the Committee before this week is over so we can
begin reviewing and selecting session proposals.  In your email,
please include your name, the company you work for, and some
information on your role in the community (Are you an end user? a
developer? a writer of documentation?  Someone with long experience?
A newbie?).  We will use this information to select a balanced

Thank you.  I hope to see you in New Orleans on September 18!


Russ Pavlicek
Program Coordinator for Xen Project User Summit

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