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Re: [Xen-users] rump kernels running on the Xen hypervisor

The sauce thickens. Up until recently rump kernels on Xen offered only the kernel API (i.e. a POSIX'y set of syscalls), but we now also support a mostly complete user-level API courtesy of an unmodified NetBSD's libc (just a few build infra modifications which will hopefully go away soon'ish). Since the kernel services and libc interfaces are directly from a real OS, a good number of real programs will compile and work out-of-the-box as standalone Domu's.

As an early proof-of-concept, I've thrown together a domain which boots as a web server. Try to it out, clone the repo (*), run "./buildxen.sh", and create a domain with xl create. The service will configure an IP address for itself using dhcp, and after that it's port 80 as usual.

*) https://github.com/anttikantee/rumpuser-xen/

  - antti

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