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[Xen-users] [ANN] LuaJIT on Xen

I have been working with Antti Kantee on running scripting languages
directly on Xen, and have got LuaJIT running.

Essentially this is a build of a modified version of the Xen "Mini-os"
which provides a small stub to handle basic Xen functions like memory
allocation, combined with NetBSD kernel components to provide
networking and file system access if required, plus NetBSD libc to
provide enough to build and run normal C code. Then the build system
creates an executable 'kernel' that Xen can run which combines LuaJIT
and example bytecode-compiled Lua scripts.

The current example compiles the ljsyscall test suite, just to show
how the build works.

Some things are not yet supported, like fork, exec, dynamic libraries,
mmap other than a small stub.

All code is MIT or BSD licensed.


Compiling other languages should be relatively possible too in principle.

Currently it only works with 32 bit LuaJIT, it needs some fixes to
mmap for 64 bit support. The build process is not very nice, and will
be improved.

You should be able to compile C libraries and add support, the base
environment is much like NetBSD, so much stuff compiles. You can use
the Lua ffi for stuff thats linked into the binary, but you will need to
tweak the (quick hack) ljsyscall/examples/dl.c script which handles
dlsym that the ffi uses, as static linking does not provide dlsym. Ask
for help on github if you have issues.

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