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Re: [Xen-users] How to install linux PV DomU on Debian ZFS Dom0 (Xen 4.3)

On 16/09/2013, at 6:47 PM, Roger Pau Monné <roger.pau@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> On 15/09/13 07:45, Frank wrote:
>> I am having trouble using my Dom0 local ZFS datasets in my linux PV DomU. 
>> I have installed Xen4.3 from Debian wheezy with some unstable packages from 
>> sid and also set up ZFSonLinux.
>> Both appear to be working well but I can't work out the best way to use the 
>> storage in a Debian PV Dom0.
>> I tried creating the Dom0 with:
>> xen-create-image --hostname=web1-pv --memory=8gb --vcpus=2 --dhcp --pygrub 
>> --dist=wheezy --dir=/zpool1/vm2/
>> I suspect the --dir=/zpool1/vm2/ is incorrect but am unsure what to use 
>> instead (perhaps need to create the image manually?)
>> The virtual machine fails to find the images when it starts. 
> Could you please post the config file of the guest? And the path were
> your image is stored.

I don't think the images were created properly as they
are not visible in the file tree where they should be:

/zpool1/vm2/  is empty

# Configuration file for the Xen instance web1-pv, created
# by xen-tools 4.4beta1 on Thu Sep 12 22:44:29 2013.

#  Kernel + memory size

bootloader = '/usr/lib/xen-4.3/bin/pygrub'

vcpus       = '2'
memory      = '8192'

#  Disk device(s).
root        = '/dev/xvda2 ro'

disk        = [

#  Physical volumes

#  Hostname
name        = 'web1-pv'

#  Networking
dhcp        = 'dhcp'
vif         = [ <REMOVED>]

#  Behaviour
on_poweroff = 'destroy'
on_reboot   = 'restart'
on_crash    = 'restart'

>> Is it necessary to have EXT3 images stored on the ZFS pool or can the Dom0 
>> somehow access the ZFS datasets directly?
>> So I need a wrapper like iSCSI or NFS to present files to the DomUs?  
>> If so, which would have the least overhead and preserve the benefits of ZFS?
> IMHO you should dd the image created by xen-create-image to a zvol (a
> block device) in order to obtain better performance. Using raw image
> files hosted on ZFS is probably not going to make much of a difference
> from other filesystems.

That sounds like a good idea, thanks for the suggestion.
I have a ext4 partition where I can create the images and then I will dd them 
to the zpool

what would be the appropriate disk  = [] specification once I have done this?

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