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Re: [Xen-users] Xen VGA Passthrough - GTX 480 successfully quadrified to quadro 6000 (softmod) - more than 4GB of RAM for Win XP 64 Bits

On 09/17/2013 01:11 AM, David TECHER wrote:

Good to see somebody else has this working. :)

Finally I succeeded in

- quadrifying my GTX 480  into a Quadro 6000 ( softmod).

- overpassing the 3-4GB of RAM on Windows XP 64 bits (domU) by applying
a well known patch for Xen.

Can you elaborate? Are you referring to the 64-bit IOMEM remap or something else?

Using nvlfash I had to alter my (OR mask 1) so I could install the
latest driver for Quadro 6000

I noticed that I had to do that else my domU may freez while launching
Crysis 2.

You mean you needed the latest driver? That's odd - I have used all the drivers from 320.00 onward and they all worked forme. Or are you saying you could boot the VM with the card as a GTX480, but the game would lock up when starting?

I tried getting the GeForce cards to work with VGA passthrough but I couldn't get it working without quadrifying them. After that everything has "just worked" as expected.

Everything works perfectly for the moment.

I was very happy when my domU started without to apply my annoying
patches for NVIDIA :)

I'm working on making some of those more dynamic for implementing e820_host for HVMs. Once that is completed it should also ensure vBAR=pBAR - with a bit of luck this will make GeForce cards work without quadrifying them.

I will have a try for a Linux domU tomorrow (Xen PVonHVM + NVIDIA +
Wine). This is what I want :)

Please, do report back how you get on - I don't think anyone has tried that before. :)


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