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Re: [Xen-users] Live Migration - Freeze

> It might be possible to hack things so that the "xl migrate-receive" on
> the target gets -vvv too. ISTR having to change xl_cmdimpl.c to do this
> though...
> It might also be worth having a look at xen's dmesg on the target.
>> Ian, you mentioned that the flags aren't as big of a problem with XCP.
>>  Could you provide a quick and dirty explanation on why?
> XCP has more user interface to simplify things when doing host-wide
> levelling, by figuring out some of the magic numbers you need.
> Ian.
>> Thank you Ian for all your help.
So using the -s in the migrate command wouldn't suffice in passing the
-vvv?  I thought I saw somewhere on the web yesterday passing special
ssh commands through using that switch.  I'll do some digging when I
get a chance to see if I can come up with something.

I'll take a look at possibly moving to XCP and see if that will
alleviate some of the pain.

Thanks again.

Shane D. Johnson
IT Administrator
Rasmussen Equipment

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