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Re: [Xen-users] qdisk and debian

Il 20/12/2013 11:25, James Harper ha scritto:
I started to use qdisk with xen from qemu 1.3 and I already used it also with
qemu 1.7 without found problem.
I had also tested qemu debian package with xen compiled from source since
qemu 1.4, I not tested the latest from debian package but should be working,
qemu debian package have also some features missed on upstream qemu
from xen (for example spice and usbredirection).
Probably your problem can be related to bad hvm domUs support on xen

If your problem is another please post details and I'll try to help you.
Thanks I think I figured it out. I had to add backendtype=qdisk onto the end. The instructions at 
http://xenbits.xen.org/docs/4.3-testing/misc/xl-disk-configuration.txt didn't work for the pure 
"<key>=<value>" type specification, at least under debian. I had to tack 
'backendtype=qdisk' to the end of a fixed position parameter style configuration.

With qdisk enabled under a current Jessie install, qemu-system-i386 was sitting 
on a steady 12.3% cpu though, even though the domu should have been idle. As 
soon as I ran an strace against the process it dropped to idle%, so I don't 
know what was going on... maybe the domu really was just busy.

Rebuilding debian qemu package with rbd support now... hopefully that works 
without any fuss!

If your problem is only about rbd support there is a bug open on debian about it:
I not tested it for now but with fast watch on bugtracker seems there was a regression with build and the qemu maintainer removed the rbd support, if with your tested you saw that regression is solved can be useful reply about this.

Thanks again!


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