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Re: [Xen-users] Xen (SLES) vs VMWare Enterprise Plus and Essentials Plus

On 18/01/14 01:51, James Pifer wrote:
> Russ,
> I appreciate the response. I agree with your perspective whole
> completely. Unfortunately I'm not confident that type of argument will
> be enough to sway those that are pushing for the move.
I suspect you are attempting to fight a pre-determined losing battle. If
there are solid, specific, technical requirements that are missing from
your xen solution today, and are available from vmware today, then
continue to fight, but change tactics. Otherwise, just give up now :)

If you need specific solutions, then the best option is to ask for them,
potentially they are already available, you just don't know about them,
haven't considered that solution, etc. Address each requirement, one at
a time. I would expect that xen (as a small part of a virtualisation
infrastructure) would be capable of just about anything you could
require. Let us all know what you need, and someone else has probably
already solved it.


> On 1/17/2014 9:33 AM, Russell Pavlicek wrote:
>> James,
>> As an old Open Source advocate and former service delivery person for
>> cloud software which included VMware in the stack, I tend to pause
>> when people say they want to migrate to VMware.
>> VMware has a distinct view of the cloud and, in my experience, their
>> actions frequently push users toward that view.  I have been working
>> with cloud-like technologies since before the term "cloud" was
>> coined, and I believe it is far too early to hitch one's wagon to any
>> one corporate cloud horse.  Many of the most interesting cloud
>> technologies are coming out of the Open Source world (look at
>> CloudStack, OpenStack, and others), not from individual proprietary
>> vendors.
>> If I were an end user looking toward cloud (now or in the future), I
>> would pick a neutral Open Source hypervisor dedicated toward making
>> itself useful in whatever cloud which might appear on the horizon.  I
>> would not want a closed source hypervisor which would always fit best
>> in that vendor's view of the cloud, especially when many of the best
>> cloud innovations are coming from outside of that company.
>> The choice is yours, but I would be examining other options.
>> These opinions are mine alone, not that of Xen Project or my employer.
>> Russ Pavlicek
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>> Subject: [Xen-users] Xen (SLES) vs VMWare Enterprise Plus and
>> Essentials Plus
>> Our company currently uses Xen on SLES11. Many people are pushing for
>> VMWare. I've done some searching, including this matrix here:
>> http://www.virtualizationmatrix.com/matrix.php?category_search=all&free_based=1
>> This matrix doesn't specifically cover xen/sles11 but does have Redhat
>> and XenServer, which are comparable. We also currently use a third party
>> application for central management of all servers, which provides HA, as
>> well as granular administrator assignments for support people, among
>> other things.
>> If cost was not a factor, are there any technical real reasons to NOT go
>> with VMWare vSphere? For example, using Enterprise Plus at the data
>> center and Essentials Plus at remote facilities. As far as I know VMWare
>> does not have a central management feature, where you can manage the
>> whole environment from one point, but I've heard that's coming?
>> I was hoping to hear from the experts on this list that have experience
>> with both. I honestly love my xen environment, at the same time, it does
>> have shortcomings, that I'm guessing VMWare would cover a lot better,
>> such as snapshots.
>> Anyway, if anyone is willing to comment I would appreciate it.

Adam Goryachev
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