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Re: [Xen-users] Guest domain cannot connect to outside network

Ian Campbell <Ian.Campbell@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>> Shouldn't be a problem, just means there are two physical ports on the
>> virtual switch. I have a number of machines with this configured -
>> quite handy as a transparent firewall or for traffic logging as you
>> can stick it inline with a network connection and it's transparent to
>> the network.
> Do you not get weird network loops etc?

The trick is not plugging them into the same switch and creating a loop - but 
that applies to all switches, not just bridged network ports

> Also Linux has some interesting properties wrt selecting which port to
> send an ARP on and how and when it replies to ARP received, at the least
> some sysctl tweaking seems to be needed

Never seen any problems. I'd always assumed that the ARP request/reply would be 
sent as a broadcast packet, and the virtual switch (bridge) code wold correctly 
send it out of every attached port - and the same would apply to any broadcast 
protocol. I always add the IP address to the bridge, not to any device attached 
to it - could that explain anything ?
As an aside, a lot of consumer grade routers do much the same internally to 
bridge wireless and wired networks - at least that's how OpenWRT does it.

If it was a general problem, I'd have thought it would generate a lot of 
internet chatter.

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