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Re: [Xen-users] new xen guest cannot communicate with the network

On 22/02/14 05:28, sbdcunha wrote:
Dear Ian n Guys,

really appreciate for your quick reply. by the way i am planning to simulate
a same scenario on another SUN blade server where there are individual 2
network cards.
regarding the network i am a network admin here too.

In fact these are new cisco blade servers connected to nexus switch which
than connects to out main Core
and it is installed by a cisco vendor company

I have been after them but they say as long as you can ping our config on
servers and the nexus is fine

just to mention the support people never try to listen and try to resolve
any issues


so I just wanna simulate the same scenario on sun blade server and then show

i too now strongly feel with your wise response that there is something
wrong config in the nexus switch
i will keep you informed

Not sure if this is resolved already, but why not try to change the MAC address on dom0 (assuming you can get access to it without the network). If everything works correctly, then you know it isn't a MAC filtering issue.

If dom0 stops working, try setting the original dom0 MAC onto domU, if domU networking works, then you know that xen + dom0 + domU are all configured correctly, and you just need to get the network folks to fix the MAC filtering issue.

See this article (or goodle) on how to change MAC addresses:

I hope this helps somewhat.


Adam Goryachev Website Managers www.websitemanagers.com.au

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