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[Xen-users] Help in using and extending XSM policy


I am new to xen and using trying to use XSM. I am trying to use libvmi to extract memory dump and perform analysis on the memory dump extracted form the other domain

Typically libvmi is installed dom0 but i want to use it in a DomU where this DomU can also extract DomO memory dump,
I am confused on how i would be able to write a label giving this domeU this access privilege so Libvmi can extract the memory dump.

I also had a question how can one recreate a policy where i can add an additional criteria   other than user, type, role, mls, mcs as an access requirement

for example give a user or a Dom access to a file or the grant tables only once or having read permission and only write permission only once?

If you could please direct me to any resources or examples on performing this task will be greatly appreciated. 

Thank you for  the help

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