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[Xen-users] how to *really* kill a domU and also debug some stuff ?

Hi again,

dom0 : alpine 2.7 with xen 4.3 and pci passthrough for the SATA controller
domU : debian 7.x using mpt2sas for the disk controller which is passed through

So i'm having another issue (probably a "ZFS on Linux" one) which causes my domU kernel to be put in a "hanged" state when i shut it down.

According to what i found in my searches, restoring the hard drives' state should fix the hanging but as it's shutting down i can't do anything...

So moving on i want to kill it (as it won't shut down nicely), but :
Â- xl destroy <domain> hangs forever
Â- reboot (on dom0) hangs
Â- xl top shows the domU in a 'b' state

I'm pretty much stuck with leaving the domU hanged or physically killing the dom0 and hardware withe the power button...

Anything else that i could do instead of the physical power switch ?

As a side question, I can't find much information about what's happening with these problems and i don't really know how to make things more verbose in Xen ?

Now i have to find a list or forum for ZFS on linux :-)

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