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Re: [Xen-users] Windows 2012 + GPLPV


Sorry, no, at least I cannot help here.

But reading such questions on the list I always wondered: What would be the 
advantage of the gpl pv drivers?
Windows 2012 and up (and iirc Windows 2008r2) has drivers for virtual devices 
(for hyper-v) that seem to work just fine.
I can download and store at least 30 MByte/s without special drivers.

It even seems a lot better with "viridian = 1" on Xen 4.4.

So what is the big advantage?


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is anyone successfully running Windows 2012 r2 on Xen 4.x with any version of 

I've tried different combinations of (Debian) Xen (4.1, 4.3), Windows 2012 r2 
(cz, en) and gplpv (all kinds), but the Xen Net driver
in Windows always ends up not running with:

The device cannot start. (Code 10)
{Operation failed}
The requested operation was unsuccessful.

When I try doing anything with drivers in Windows (e.g. reinstalling xennet 
driver), Windows always end up BSODing during the boot.
Any help kindly appreciated.

Thank you

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