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Re: [Xen-users] plug-in xen

Please don't drop xen-users@

On Mon, Jun 23, 2014 at 05:24:52PM +0800, Minalkumar Patel wrote:
> Dear Sir, 
> Myself MPPatel working as Asst Professor in Engg. College. thanks for
> your reply about plug-in. 
> sir! i have been working with xen since long back. I want to ask few
> guideline for my ongoing phd work.
> my idea is to migrate virtual machine and for that i want to update
> xen code as well as add few memory migraiton techniques. 
> I have tried with xensever6.2(citrix open source) but i am stuck. do
> you have any idea to do such acitivity in xensever? I have already
> developed code for load balacning and automatic migraiton in citrix
> xensever. But log details are not clear. where is the source availbale
> in xenserver is not known?

If you want to use XenServer you can go to www.xenserver.org and look
for resources (mailing list, forum etc).

This mailing list is for open source Xen.

> now i am working with xen hyervisor (4.1) with xm/xend toolstack. I am
> egaer to understand libxc/xc_domain_save.c (which is for live
> migration) but when i build and install xen hypervisor (from source
> code) i am stuck by system and no online help is available. I have
> done my work for migration of  virtual machine with apt-get install +
> virt manager but logs are not giving anything like   downtime, dirty
> pages info etc.

Have you looked at wiki.xen.org? I think there's some documents to get
you started.

> so now i am very confused with xenserver, xm/xend and i tried with xl
> also. please give me proper direction so i can start my next work.
> please give more idea about plug-in or other way to add our own code
> in above system.

I would suggest you use latest Xen 4.4 and xl toolstack.

If you want to use XenServer you need to go to www.xensever.org for


>   MinalKumar Patel(M.E. - Computer Engineering) Lecturer,Computer
> Engineering Department, A.D.Patel Institute of Technology, New Vallabh
> Vidyanagar,Karamsad - 388121, Anand,Gujarat.  Mobile - 9998574188
> E-mail Id - patel_mp@xxxxxxxxxxx URL - http://www.minall.co.in

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