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[Xen-users] xen-4.4.0 and (nic) assigned mac address errors

21 jun 2014


i ran xen in several versions on my system during the past eighteen
months.  i currently run xen-4.4.0.  i usually assign a specific
mac address to the nic's in my vm domains.  i take pains to NOT
assign the same mac address twice.

in all of these versions, if i shut down a vm and then restart it,
it will sometimes complain that the specified mac address is
already in use.  it also sometimes happens if i merely reboot a
vm via shutdown -r now.  if i restart the vm a second time, it will
usually begin operating as expected.

what can cause this?  how can i prevent this error condition?

any questions, comments, or suggestions?

thank you.
frank smith

http://www.fastmail.fm - One of many happy users:

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