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Re: [Xen-users] Help with VGA passthrough

On 06/26/2014 12:04 AM, Brian Menges wrote:
I’ve read through these, however I’m on xenserver 6.2 and would rather
not hack the ramdisk because any future update would obliterate that
(most likely).

Not if you modify the dracut scripts to do the right ting. AFAIK XenServer is based on EL.

Per gordon’s request, I’ve reset my system back to factory and here are
the lspci/dmesg/xl dmesg.

I can confirm that I do not load any radeon or radeon related drivers in
dom0, however I cannot seem to hide the pci bus for it. Are the modules
missing for XenServer 6.2 (xen 4.1.5) ?

Not loading the radeon driver is good. The PCI bus should not be hidden, the device you are passing through should just be owned by the xen-pciback driver (which the xl command for making the device assignable will do for you if you aren't pre-loading xen-pciback with appropriate options.

The citrix support guide says nothing about hiding the device at all
(which I tried the extboot.conf stuff to hide the pci devices to no avail).

You _shouldn't_ be doing this anyway. All you can do is detach the device to make it disappear, but then you won't be able to pass it through.

If there’s a way to confirm xen-pcihide or whichever it is (many
articles .. two names, not sure which is right) as loaded on xenserver
6.2 that’d be appreciated.

lsmod | grep pciback

I have in blacklist.conf:

blacklist radeon

blacklist fglrx

We shouldn’t ever touch those two modules… so I should be good for
passthrough right?



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