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Re: [Xen-users] Some iommu questions(mostly about intel's vt-d)

On 06/26/2014 01:20 AM, Mihail Ivanov wrote:
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While the A8 6600k is a fast cpu, I'd rather get server hardware.
After reading so much about people complaining that one or another
thing doesn't work, I just can't trust desktop mobos anymore :).
(too much things that can go wrong).

Server motherboards are often just as buggy as desktop boards when it comes to virtualization. Hence why I keep saying that starting from the certified hardware on the compatibility list is probably a good idea if you want something that just works.

Also ever since I've read about ECC ram I know I want it.

I don't want a prebuild system since:
I already have a PSU and an ATX Case.
(Also some HDD's and VGA's).

HDDs and VGAs will fit in bare bones workstations just fine.

Never the less in my country prebuild systems tend to cost a lot more
than they should.

That's not always clear cut. What is your time worth?

Pros: much cheaper, cheaper mobo, lower tdp, much more fresh, more
instructions(Intel TSX-NI,etc), also a big bonus - integrated vga

And you'll need to make sure whatever motherboard you choose supports the said integrated VGA and provides a video output port. Many don't.

People have talked about Citrix verified hardware.
Can someone tell me the names of two such mobos -
one for 1150 and one for 2011?(being single socket and some PCI-E
slots are a must)

You should really do your homework on this and look through the compatibility lists yourself. Google should help you find it.

And about the purpose of the system - Multi-monitor workstation(up to
15 monitors I guess). About the video outputs I am thinking of perhaps
using singleslot VGA's with 3 monitors per one, so it's:
3 for IGP +
3 x 3
= total of 12 monitors which will most likely be enough

As long as you are aware that you probably won't get all of those on the same type of port. Depending on what cards you get, you might get up with 2xDVI + 1xHDMI or 1xDVI + 1xHDMI + 1xDP. It could get messy, especially if you want all monitors to be the same model.


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