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Re: [Xen-users] Lost images..

On 27/06/14 00:50, Stephan Viljoen wrote:
> Sorry for the spam , but hopefully I'm posting more meaningful information as 
> I'm figuring this out.
> Ian , seems like my domains are using blkback so I'm guessing those two 
> processes : 2567 and 2568 are the ones keeping my images open for Xen ? How 
> do I actually link the /dev/loop file to the actual image and then copy / 
> undelete it ?
> 2354 ?        Sl     3:37 /usr/lib/xen/bin/qemu-dm -d 4 -serial pty 
> -domain-name test-01 -videoram 4 -k en-us -vnc -vncunused -M xenpv
>  2567 ?        S      1:15 [blkback.4.xvda]
>  2568 ?        S      2:11 [blkback.4.xvdb]

You could try lsof -p 2567
That will show you all open files that process 2567 has.
Also check /proc/2567/fd

At this stage, you don't want to reboot the VM's etc (perhaps this isn't
obvious). I'd also suggest you get as good as possible file level backup
from within the VM's.

Finally, you might also take a LVM snapshot of the volume containing the
images. You may be able to find some method later to "undelete" the
files, if you are unable to get a backup before the VM's are rebooted/etc.

Hope this helps...


Adam Goryachev
Website Managers

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