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Re: [Xen-users] xen-4.4.0 and unexpected system reboot

"squidmobile@xxxxxxxxxxx" <squidmobile@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> 26 jun 2014
> greetings,
>>One other thing you could try is "noreboot" on Xen's command line. This
>>will mean that if it does panic/crash it'll just sit there with whatever
>>was on the screen until you press the reset button on the case so you
>>can take a photo or transcribe it by hand etc. Of course having the
>>machine unavailable until you can press a button may not be acceptable
>>in your scenario.
> i like the sound of this.  it's my home system, but i set it up as
> if it were at work.  since i was physically present when it
> rebooted, the downside is minimal to non-existant, and the
> confirmation of a xen/non-xen cause would be a great improvement
> over my current lack of data.

It might be a good idea to turn off the screen saver for the console if
you do this.  If the crash happened after the screen saver became
active, you might see nothing but a blank screen.  Guess how I know
... :)

Other than that, I'd wait and see if it happens again.  If there appears
to be any sort of regularity to the crashes (like every 45 days), I'd
try to find out what is being started every 45 days.

Hmm ... I'm finding the messages about loosing contact to the UPS
suspicious.  I used nut quite a while with an USB connection, and no
matter what load I put on the CPU, I never noticed any such messages.
Do you see a correlation between CPU load and these messages?

Knowledge is volatile and fluid.  Software is power.

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