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Re: [Xen-users] xen-4.4.0 and unexpected system reboot

26 jun 2014


>One other thing you could try is "noreboot" on Xen's command line. This
>will mean that if it does panic/crash it'll just sit there with whatever
>was on the screen until you press the reset button on the case so you
>can take a photo or transcribe it by hand etc. Of course having the
>machine unavailable until you can press a button may not be acceptable
>in your scenario.

i like the sound of this.  it's my home system, but i set it up as
if it were at work.  since i was physically present when it
rebooted, the downside is minimal to non-existant, and the
confirmation of a xen/non-xen cause would be a great improvement
over my current lack of data.

> You could also try setting up kexec/kdump so that on panic instead of
> rebooting it will instead launch another kernel with limited RAM from
> where you can scrobble around to gather state etc. Setting that up is
> pretty tricky though (perhaps your distro has done the hard work).

time to rtfm.  i've never done this.  i've tried a time or two in
the past to use the linux sysrq function at kernel panics, but it
never seemed to work as expected.  i'm sure i did something wrong;
i'm not sure just what.  *grin*

thanks for the time and assistance.
frank smith

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