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Re: [Xen-users] how to start VMs in a particular order

26 jun 2014


> how would I make it so that VMs which are started automatically are
> being started in a particular order?

well, i have something that (sort of) works for me.  i create my
vm.cfg files in a directory of my choosing and ln -s from that
directory to etc/xen/auto.  i rename the symbolic links to look
like this:

when i reboot my system, the vm's come up in the proper sequence.
however, xen starts them at its pace and NOT when the previous vm
is ready for transactions.  i suppose you could modify this with
a sleep 5 (or whatever) between each vm.  or maybe you could
arrange some kind of signal from each vm to signal starting the
next vm.

good luck
frank smith

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